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I have always been interested in Natural Plant Remedies and Complementary Therapies alike; this is the reason why I became a Therapist.

My experience of Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Massage & Reflexology extends over 15 years, and includes giving treatment, teaching and running workshops in the UK and abroad.
In a commitment to serving the local community, I had a role as an activity worker during after school sessions. This work involved offering massages to pupils at a secondary school as a way to relieve mental stress.

Through my work more recently, I have been fundraising in collaboration with the British Red Cross, The Japan Society and Herbs for Japan in response to the earthquake and tsunami, which devastated Japan in March 2011.
In conjunction with my most recent work, I have been fundraising in collaboration with the British Red Cross, The Japan Society, DIRECT HELP for victims and animals REJECTED from shelters in JAPAN and Herbs for Japan.
This is in response to the recent earthquake and tsunami, which devastated parts of Japan in March 2011.

I also write many articles about Herbal Medicines and have a medical herbal book published titled "British Herbal Medicine and Healing". Now in its third successful edition for Japanese readers. My second herbal medicine book also published in 2013.
I am constantly trying to build on my knowledge and experience in the fields of Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Massage and Reflexology for my professional practice and my own improvement.

Medical Herbalist
I am a qualified Medical Herbalist and am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).
The NIMH is the oldest body of practicing Medical Herbalists in the world. In April 2000 I was awarded a Diploma of Phytotherapy from the College of Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine), Sussex.
As a research student at the Medical and Aromatic Plant Group (the plant science department at The Scottish Agricultural College, Ayr, Scotland), I studied mainly Essential Oil and Medicinal Plant properties.
My enthusiasms to Plant medicines are not only for using herbs but also essential oils for internal/external applications.

Other therapies
I have attended various courses and workshops since I left Herbal College; these include an Australian Bush Flower Remedies Course Level 1-3, and The Use of Applied Kinesiology (AK) Diagnosis in Herbal Prescribing Module for Professional Therapists. Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology In addition, I am an experienced Massage practitioner and professional Reflexologist, offering various combination treatments (herbs, Massage, Reflexology) according to the client's needs.
I studied Massage and Aromatherapy in both Japan and the UK where I obtained certificates in Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Medical Massage, Aromatherapy,MLD/Manual lymphatic drainage massage, Reflexology and Massage& Reflexology in Pregnancy.
I am a member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) – Reflexology & Aromatherapy, the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and also the Association of Reflexologists (AoR). The AoR is the leading professional organisation for practicing Reflexologists and aims to ensure the highest standards of care for the public. I have supported patients suffering from various health conditions with a good rate of success, in particular; women's health issues (e.g. fertility issues, hormonal imbalance), skin problems, anxiety and stress, digestive disorders and headaches.

All enquires are most welcome!!


Western Medical Herbalist

Aromatherapist, Massage therapist and Reflexologist

Rieko Oshima-Barclay


A member of The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH),

The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFPA),

The Association of Reflexologists(AoR), Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) – Reflexology & Aromatherapy 


About Practitioner

Rieko Oshima-Barclay

I am an experienced massage practitioner.

I have studied both massage and aromatherapy in Japan and in the UK, where I obtained the ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy and Holistic massage.

I also obtained an Advanced Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Medical Massage and Aromatherapy Massage in Pregnancy, and I am a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFPA) 











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