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Frequently Asked Questions

What is treatment like?

You can always ask Rieko about what kind of treatment(s) to have on the day.

So just book your time.

I have a very stiff neck and shoulder, also I would like to have a relaxing therapy. What treatment should I book?

Rieko's Answer

I offer a tailor made therapy.

I quite often use Deep tissue massage technique on the tight and stiff muscle area and combine Aromatherapy and or Reflexology for relaxation too. Many people enjoy the deep relaxation feeling when they receive a deep tissue massage.

I never had a massage before. What kind of massage do you recommend?

Rieko's Answer

I would highly recommend starting out with a gentle massage style such as a Holistic or Aromatherapy massage.

I am interested in Deep Tissue massage. Is it very painful massage?

Rieko's Answer

There are many comfortable and deep techniques or modalities that fall under the category of deep tissue massage.
I work within the client’s comfort level and pain tolerance at all times. I can slowly introduce deeper pressure according to the client’s need. It may take a few more extra treatments to achieve the results that you need, if you cannot handle a high amount of pressure than people who can take a high amount of pressure and deeper work.

Can I have both massage and reflexology at same day?

Rieko's Answer

I can do 30mins each massage and reflexology or if you wish for a longer session I can do 90mins or even 120mins sessions.

I am 4 months pregnant. Do I need to get a permission from my obstetrician/Midwife for Maternity massage and Reflexology?

Rieko's Answer

It is not necessary if you are healthy and have an uncomplicated pregnancy but you may feel happier informing your obstetrician/midwife that you are receiving massage and/or reflexology.

Would you combine Herbal Medicine consultation with body work? 

Rieko's Answer

Yes I do.
I often combine reflexology sessions and Herbal medicine consultations. Especially for gynecological issues (such as fertility, PCOS, PMS, Irregular menstruation Menopausal problems), IBS, Insomnia and Stress related problems etc.
Also many of my massage clients ask for advice regarding Herbal remedies for minor chronic health issues. I am more than happy to offer mini-consultation during the body work session too. Please ask me any time.

Do I have to make herbal tea everyday? I don't think I have a time to be boiling herbs for making teas.

Rieko's Answer

Not necessary.
I tend to prepare or prescribe in the form of “Tinctures” (alcohol based herbal extraction). Dosages for herbal tinctures are individual, normally between 20 drops to 7ml per dose mix with water. Take it 2-3 times/day.
Other prescriptions may consist of essential oils, teas (infusion), tablets or creams according to the patient's needs.
You can find more information about the Herbal medicine and Medical Herbalists.

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